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#ifndef __SARY_TEXT_H__
#define __SARY_TEXT_H__

#include <glib.h>
#include <sary/mmap.h>
#include <sary/saryconfig.h>

#ifdef __cplusplus
extern "C" {
#endif /* __cplusplus */

typedef struct  {
    SaryMmap *mobj;
    SaryInt  lineno;   /* current line number */
    gchar    *bof;     /* beginning of file */
    gchar    *eof;     /* end of file */
    gchar    *cursor;
    gchar    *file_name;
} SaryText;

SaryText*   sary_text_new                 (const gchar *file_name);
void        sary_text_destroy       (SaryText *text);
SaryInt           sary_text_get_size            (SaryText *text);
SaryInt           sary_text_get_lineno          (SaryText *text);
void        sary_text_set_lineno          (SaryText *text, 
                                     SaryInt lineno);
SaryInt           sary_text_get_linelen         (SaryText *text);
gchar*            sary_text_get_line            (SaryText *text);
gchar*            sary_text_get_region          (SaryText *cursor, 
                                     SaryInt len);
gboolean    sary_text_is_eof        (SaryText *text);
gchar*            sary_text_get_cursor          (SaryText *text);
void        sary_text_set_cursor          (SaryText *text, 
                                     gchar *cursor);
gchar*            sary_text_goto_bol            (SaryText *text);
gchar*            sary_text_goto_eol            (SaryText *text);
gchar*            sary_text_goto_next_line      (SaryText *text);
gchar*            sary_text_goto_next_word      (SaryText *text);
gchar*            sary_text_forward_cursor      (SaryText *text, 
                                     SaryInt len);
gchar*            sary_text_backward_cursor     (SaryText *text, 
                                     SaryInt len);

#define           sary_text_get_bof(text)       (text)->bof
#define           sary_text_get_eof(text)       (text)->eof

#ifdef __cplusplus
#endif /* __cplusplus */

#endif /* __SARY_TEXT_H__ */

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